Peeler Metal Fife

Peeler Metal Fife

During the mid 1900's, there were several fife makers in Connecticut producing quality, metal fifes from plated brass. This was easily done in western Connecticut where there were hundreds of plating shops and brass works from which raw materials and experience in handling them were easily obtained. The more notable of these fife makers were Patrick Caccavale, T.D. O'Connor and Theodore Kurtz (Fifecraft). With their passing, the era of quality, metal fife manufacturing in Connecticut and, in my opinion, nationwide came to a halt. While the vast majority of the fife and drum corps today play on the traditional wooden fifes, there are a few resolute corps that maintain the tradition of playing these fine instruments. They include, but are not limited to, Yalesville and St. Peters. Since these fine instruments are no longer being produced, I have been told that it has become, at times, extremely difficult to outfit a new fifer with a quality, metal fife.

After being approached by several corps members over the last few years, Peeler Fifes has decided to re-create these quality instruments. The result is the fife you see pictured today on the Peeler Fifes website. These are finely machined, heavy gauge, chrome-plated brass instruments. Each fife has the decorative knurling that is reminiscent of the style produced by Patrick Caccavale. They are Bb Fifes.

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