Firth, Pond & Co. reproduction


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The Peeler Firth and Pond reproduction fife is a reproduction of a true Civil War fife. This is the only Civil War reproduction fife available today!

Bazelon and McGuinn's 1999 book "A Directory of American Military Goods Dealers and Makers 1785-1915: Combined Edition" provides a brief history of Firth, Pond & Co. In that book they state, "Firth, Pond & Co., NYC. Had an Army contract dated Jul 6, 1861 for 4,000 drumheads batter and 4,000 drumheads snare. This firm dated to at least 1845 as Thaddeus Firth, Firth & Hall, & Firth, Hall & Pond at 239 B'way. Listed from 1861 - 63 as Firth, Pond & Co. at 547 B'way .... Firth, Pond & Co. had an Army contract on September 26, 1862 for 1,000 cocoa wood fifes." This listing documents that Firth, Pond & Co. was known by this name only during the Civil War and only from 1861 to 1863. This instrument is modeled after fifes made by this company during that period fife.

It is excellent instrument with a clear tone that will complete your authentic impression. The fife features nickel-silver tapered ferrules rather than the standard brass ones. While both types were used the nickel-silver tapered ferrules give the fife a distinctive look.

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