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Anyway I got use my new Peeler fife and mano man it was beautiful. it has officially become alpha fife was nice and loud and played nice with others. was weeping with joy thanks
- Joe

Somebody on this list is making an absolutely perfect reproduction of the fife sold by the Firth and Pond Company at their Franklin Square establishment a few years before the WBS. The one I am holding in my hand looks exactly as it would have when it was brand new and sold in 1847 or 48. I am amazed by the dedication to historical detail as well as the meticulous workmanship and glass-like natural oil finish. What a pleasure to own such a gorgeous instrument!

A thousand thanks for your friendship--oh, yeah, and the fife, too! :-)
- Sue

Hi Ron
Thanks so much for sending the fife, I received it on Monday - wow, it's really a beautiful piece of work ! When I picked it up I immediately noticed the difference between your fife and the maple one I ordered from Jas. Townsend - your fife is much heavier. The Townsend fife feels like a piece of balsa wood compared to yours!
- Linda

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